99 Pleasant St

A brief picture show of our last few weeks. As you can see, our life is totally miserable. I’m not sure how we’ll survive another week. Hurricane Irene is on her way in (its 8pm on Saturday) but has yet to arrive. If anything, the weather is even calmer than usual… Oh wait. Calm before the storm! I get it now! Heh.


Made it down to Boston to pick up Melissa last Monday. Those who know me well won’t be surprised that I happened upon Fenway Park on the way to… REI. Yes. The park was an afterthought to shopping for outdoor gear.If


If the last statement didn’t surprise you, this might not either: I went to the grocery store at 640am the other day and was 20min early. D’oh. I then walked across the street and lucked into these beautiful shots of Meredith Bay.



A view from the ski lift at Gunstock Mtn. Luke and I rode up there and hiked around. A must see for summer visitors.


The blond dog has gotten waaaayyy too entitled to her twice a day swims. She goes out there for at least an hour each time. Gotta say, I’m still not sick of watching her.


Our little cabin. Can’t say we require much more than this in terms of space, but with Melissa here, there’s 7 mammals living in approximately 400 square feet of cabin. It has been interesting to say the least.


Everyone but Luke’s favorite spot. We have a little de-humidifier plugged in that blows warm air right onto the red bench. Takes the edge off a chilly morning, and takes the wet right off those dogs and towels. =)


My first- and pretty much every- morning. Like I said, I have absolutely no idea how we are surviving.


*A special shout-out to The Best In-Laws a Girl Could Ask For: Frank and Sandy are officially RETIRED!!! And about to go on a loooong and much deserved vacation to celebrate! We couldn’t be happier for them as they finally settle in to enjoy all that they have worked for. Love You Both!!*



3 responses to “99 Pleasant St

  1. paula plapp

    Love the pics, Sara. Thanks
    Love you,

  2. Sandy Speed

    What great photos, Sara. Thanks for sharing.

    We love you, too. Be safe and let us know you are OK……
    Sandy and Frank

  3. The pictures are incredible!! So jealous…..definitely going to have to come that way for a visit.

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