Ahh, To Be Three.

My C-man belongs to my oldest friend, Amy. He is a hoot. His sister is 1, and well on her way to being just as funny. These kids are insane smart, stubborn, and adorable. Did I mention funny? Here’s a few Colton stories I’ve been saving:

To set the stage, this kid is about 25 pounds. He was born prematurely and will eventually catch up, but for now, it means “My Sara” can swing him around, hang him by his ankles, and swipe him up for a big snuggle pretty much whenever I want. I have to say, I loathe the day that he’s too big to hold.

The above is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. We were playing hide and seek at my Granny and Boompa’s house. We go there pretty often because (besides that I just want to see them!) the kids love the attention, and we’re fully entertained up until one of them (C-man) blows a gasket. But really, this video is worth the look. Promise!


At breakfast, Colton was properly identifying 8-sided objects, as well as counting and naming colors.

Me: “Colton. You are a genius. Can you say, ‘I am a genius’?”

C-man [stares at me for about 5 seconds]: “Blaaaa blah blabby boo!!”


Pizza Standoff

He loves to play with his food- this led to a little incident in a pizza parlor where “My Sara” almost missed a flight to New Hampshire.  Amy and I were there with the kiddos for lunch before I took off, and Ayla (who is 1, and absolutely adorable- if even more stubborn than C-man) was too busy flirting with the table next to her to notice her head’s proximity to OUR table. One fat lip and screaming child later, and I was alone at the table with my little buddy, trying to get a few more bites in him before we left. Of course, the bites can’t just go down. That would be too easy.

C-man: “I want more sauce!! More saucemoresaucemore more SAUCE!” (he means parm cheese)

Me: “No more cheese until you take another bite. Bite, then cheese.”

C-man [takes a bite, sprinkles some cheese, then licks the entire length of the pizza slice] “Bite, then sauce, then LICK!!”]

Me [not stressing. If he wants to lick his own pizza, let him! He still has to take a bite before he gets more cheese]: “Okay, now bite, then cheese, then lick, then bite.”

I tried to give him a high-five but he wouldn’t because his hands were dirty with pizza goo. So somewhere in there we managed to incorporate an “elbow-five”.

Anyway, Amy came back in about 20 minutes later to see if I had fallen asleep or something. She walks in to, “Annnnd, BITE! Then sauce, then lick, then ELBOW-FIVE, then BITE!”

I figured she was

a)      Asleep with Ayla in the car. I totally wouldn’t have blamed her. You should see her sleep schedule!

b)      Waiting me out in a toddler standoff. You know, to see if I passed some sort of test. The only test I passed is “Don’t Have Kids of My Own or Never Would Have Sat There So Long”.

c)       At Starbucks.

Anyhoo, I made it to my flight with only one diversion to Wal-Mart for a frantic poop run… more potty-training stories on the way.

Not too shabby, and I would do it again in a second. That kid is gold.


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