13 Weeks: A Perfect Little Person


We’re thrilled to announce the presence of a fully formed human being currently residing in my lower abdomen! Little Dometrius or Loquisha now has everything, including fingerprints. FINGERPRINTS! Now S/he will be hanging out for another 27 weeks- just growing and chilling. Waiting to make the grand appearance.

According to Babycenter.com, baby is the size of a shrimp.

I think shrimp are scary looking. Ask my mom about the Freak Shrimp we accidentally ordered at a very famous seafood restaurant in New Orleans. It was a little traumatic. And delicious. But mostly traumatic. I digress.

Babycenter.com also states that THIS is my last week in the first trimester. Everyone else (that I choose to listen to) says I’m OUT! I have chosen to completely disregard Babycenter.com this week. Who’s with me??

On that note, baby is 3 inches long and the size of a small peach. Peaches are all cute and fuzzy. Not traumatic in the least!

So here I am, in my 2nd trimester! Feeling good. I definitely have a little bump going, and have started to gain weight. Eating is very fun again, and I’m back in full culinary force. =)

So here we go! Grow, baby, GROW!


7 responses to “13 Weeks: A Perfect Little Person

  1. kelly palmisciano

    Yay!! You are sooo out of 1st trimester and I am looooooooving baby bump 🙂 I also am loving your weekly updates. So fun! Xx Muah!

  2. Granny and Boompa

    We’re going with the Peach……We don’t do scarry…..Love your bump.

  3. Jane Angliss

    You are probably the most fantastic pregnant woman…..EVER !! Weekly updates are necessary ….so don’t stop. I’m not liking your baby names though…….a little over the top (LOL) ……..Jack or Jane should do the trick…..keep it simple !!

    LOVE XXX OOO ……………………Jane

  4. Hahah!! Jack or Jane… that does have a ring to it! And don’t worry, I like the sound of my own typing too much to stop the updates. =P

  5. Love your posts! I can already tell you are going to be a fantastic mom!!

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