14 Weeks: You Know You’re Pregnant When…

Hello to all of you Wonderful People out there!! I’m officially over most of my 1st trimester ailments, and have been feeling great! We have a doctors appointment on Friday that will confirm our little Phineas or Philodendron is Lemon sized. I capitalize Lemon because this kiddo will be an honorary Lemons (my favorite Lemons’ live in Phoenix- Hi Yia-Yia and Amy!!!) and this week holds a special significance because of it.

So. On to the pic. I couldn’t choose, so you get two for the price of one!

The Normal One... well, this is about as *normal* as I ever get. =)

This is how I FEEL. Like I have to crane my neck to see over my new boobs (sorry, Boompa and Dad!), and I see a big old belly staring back at me... Is it possible my belly button is pointing UP?!?



I know, I know, I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. It’s just going to get bigger and bigger until James mistakes me for his giant peach and tries to drop a rope ladder into my enormous, gaping belly button.

Thing One should be sucking his thumb, recycling his amniotic fluid (read: PEEING), and making faces! Everyone loves the Pouty Face. Our little Lemon can pout! On a side note, I would spend allll my time grimacing if I lived in a sac of my own pee. I’m just saying.

Our super sweet, super fat, very good natured Apple Smuggler growled and hissed at Luke the other night while we rough-housed on the couch. We were in the throws of an epic tickle fight when we heard a low growl. We’re not 100% certain, but think we narrowed it down to Luke specifically, only when he was “attacking” me. How very strange… I’ve obviously had that experience with dogs. Has anyone else seen a cat get protective like that? She’s all over him otherwise, so it’s not like she’s just playing favorites.

Other than that, nothing new at the Stafford Poor Farm. The house will be done (as far as we plan to go with it) after this week. I’ll post pics. Promise. No, this time I really mean it. =)

Love to all!! I miss everyone so much more over the holidays. Enjoy the next month and don’t forget to have an extra glass of eggnog or wine for me!


7 responses to “14 Weeks: You Know You’re Pregnant When…

  1. I remember feeling HUGE at 14 weeks and buying new clothes that I thought would fit until the end of my pregnancy. You’re going to love your big belly when it is huge. It will be such a beautiful belly! In terms of clothing, two words: yoga pants! I also lived in a black rouched tank top from Motherhood Maternity. It was super comfy, grew with my belly, and perfect for layering.
    So glad you are feeling good! You look fantastic! Have you been staying active with yoga, swimming, or walking? So glad you are enjoying your pregnancy. It’s so special and goes by so fast!

    • Yes! Actually, I’ve been wearing yoga pants in my pics for the last few weeks! And I get away with scrubs at work with loose tanks and cardigans. Big, thick, cozy cardigans. It’s actually really nice that it’s winter. 🙂 send me more info on that tank- I suspect my first m-word purchases are right around the corner. 😉

  2. Jessica Woods

    miss sarah I am fourteen weeks this monday, how exciting, My little one is due on June 11th. When is yours due? It’s so fun and tiring!! Last week I just got my energy back it’s amazing!!! Hope all is well!!!!

    • I know! Jess, this is really exciting! I’m due the day before you… So crazy. And yes, the energy and appetite return IS kind of amazing… Like a miracle really. 🙂

  3. You look beautiful, Sara! I think the pouty face was mastered by the Lemons. 🙂

  4. This was such a cute idea for your pictures. I love it!

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