Boy or Girl??

At this point Thing One is visibly Boy or Girl, but I most likely won’t find out this week- the ultrasound machines in each exam room aren’t clear enough to get a real guess in, according to the OB. So unless someone wants to buy us a 3d ultrasound for Christmas, it’ll be mid January til we know the sex. Can’t wait!!

In the meantime, I plan on performing every single old wives tail gender determination experiment I can. In the hopes of comparing to the ultrasound gender and scientifically proving how unscientific these things are… and having some fun in the process.

If you all can think of any, PLEASE send them my way. I have:

1. One where you add some dates together- Like my birthday and the due date (or something- I’ll look it up later). If it’s even it’s a girl, if it’s odd- we have a boy! It might be the other way around… ehhh. Does it matter? =P

2. One where I pee on some baking soda to see if it foams up real crazy-like or not. The big foam is a boy. If it doesn’t do much, it’s a girl.

3. The wedding ring held from a string over your belly. If it swings in a circle, GIRL! If it swings back and forth, BOY!

4. Chinese Gender Chart: I have no idea how this works. It looks like a pantyhose sizing chart. Something about my age and month of conception. But my age changed about 2 weeks after conception so we’ll see… πŸ˜‰

5. Ruby’s predictions: Now, this will be the only test that costs anything. I think it’s a psychic lady. Basically, I pay 5 bucks so she can talk to Grizelda or Balthazar in my uterus. This will not involve a string and 2 campbells soup cans… that I know of. Apparently she’s pretty accurate. It’s a little creepy, but anything in the name of science.

6. Heart Rate: if it’s consistently higher than 150, it’s a girl. If it’s lower than 150, it’s a boy.

7. Intuition. ‘Nuff said.

Does anyone have any more?? I’m not doing the Drano one- that’s just weird. I’d love more ideas, and PROMISE to do them if they don’t involve peeing in toxic chemicals. Help us have some fun!



12 responses to “Boy or Girl??

  1. Oh how I LOVE you guys! Like I said earlier, Matt and I are putting two votes in for GIRL. This is scientifically based on the unscientific fact that Luke would be awesome having to live with so much estrogen in one house (and watching him just melt in the process) and you will be one of those “cool” but “firm” moms that will teach her daughter how to be brillian and independent while loving herself. And, we both think you just seem like a “girl” kinda family!

    I have no other tests that I can think off. You listed a bunch I had never even HEARD of? And for the baking soda thing: what, exactly does “foam like crazy” mean? How can you tell “foam like crazy” from “meh, there is some foam in there”? I can wait to see all of your scientific results for each test! I’d ask for pictures, but I am not sure I’d want to see the peed on baking soda! πŸ˜‰ Hugs to y’all!!!

  2. Ugh — please forgive the spelling and typos in my last post. I am so embarrassed right now. πŸ˜›

  3. And that’s why we love YOU! Typos are okay when you’re excited. πŸ˜‰ And YES!! I thought the same thing about the baking soda thing. I have lots of opinions regarding that test… the time of day you pee… what you ate before… and yes, what *exactly* constitutes a “lot” of foam. I may have to do it twice just to prove it’s ridiculous. That wouldn’t be in the spirit of fun- so I’ll try to stay stupid. And maybe I’ll try some pics of the other stuff. No Pee Pics. I think that’s a good policy. πŸ˜‰

  4. I always heard from all the ladies in my small town that if you were grossed out by thought of eating the crust of your bread/sandwich, it’s a girl! It was true for both me & my sister! When I was preggers with Erik I had no “crust issues,” but with Kalista I couldn’t eat sandwich crusts for the whole pregnancy & even for like a year after!! Very random – I love old wives tales!!!

    • Oooh, that’s a great one! And so easy. I have no crust issues. It could be because when I was little, my mom convinced me that’s where all the vitamins were. I was in my twenties before I questioned it…

  5. There is some test about peeing on cabbage leaves and then boiling the water. Apparently whatever color it turns has something to do with gender. Or maybe you boil the cabbage and then pee in the water? I am unclear on the exact process but I’m sure you can google it! πŸ™‚

    • What is it with peeing on stuff?!!? I told Luke about this one and his exact words were, “You MAY NOT boil any urine in this house. Period.” … I think he means it. =P I’ll do a little research- there’s cabbage in my fridge at the moment, so it would be a free one… not counting the cost of divorce. πŸ˜‰

  6. When you are much further along, if your belly is shapes like a basketball and you’re carrying high then “they” say it’s a boy. I say go with intuition!

  7. Oh yes. How could I miss this one? Hopefully I’ll be able to use this before the anatomy screen in January. As of now, I’d say I’m carrying low. Heehee!

  8. If you have blue polka dots all over your belly, it’s a boy. If you have pink hearts all over, it’s a girl.

  9. I am giving a facebook “Like” to your moms comment! πŸ™‚

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