A Day in Snowy Vermont

Yesterday, I had the great joy of spending the entire day with an old and wonderful friend from nursing school. I hadn’t seen Laura in over four years. In that time:

Luke and I moved 3 times, Laura and Adam moved twice… we lived in 5 states total: from the East coast, new england, the southwest, and the deeeep south.

Laura gave birth to two of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met. Gus is 3 and Mack is 18 months.

We both are pregnant: Lornitzo Number 3 is due in about 7 weeks!

Thankfully, only one of the 4 of us is still in school! 😉

Anyway, it’s been a busy time for all- so when I got an email that they’d be in Vermont (actually only an hour away!) for Christmas, I was psyched that we’d have a chance to catch up. We spent the day hanging out with the kids- Laura and I drove up to a ski resort where Gus was taking kiddo ski lessons- it was adorable! Here’s a video of Little Man skiing- gotta love his huge grin at the end!

We then brought Gus home (stopping for a huge diner lunch for the two pregnant ladies… 😉

While Gus was napping, Mack was on a roll- he LOVES to be tickled, and becomes almost paralyzed from laughing so hard. I loved it. I also loved that it took him about 3 minutes to decide I was good snuggle material. I love me some snuggling! Here is a video that will have you laughing (if not, you need to re evaluate your sense of humor- laughing babies are ALWAYS a laughing matter!)

Here are a few pics that made me smile- sorry for the fuzziness, but it’s pretty easy to make out that beautiful round baby belly! I can only hope I look that adorable at 33 weeks!

LOVED seeing you, Laura Darling! I can’t wait to hear if life has decided to bring you up north!


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