The Living Room is DONE!

YAY!! We just need to install some more pine flooring in the kitchen and oil/stain the whole mess. Our house is mostly dust free! This is fantastic! Anywho, There’s obviously much more to the house, but I need to clean, so this is what you get. =) You could always come to visit, and I’ll be sure you get the full tour. Okay? Yes.

The house is kind of dark up front, but in a cozy way. And when all the lights are on, we can do puzzles. That’s the light measure measurement gauge we’ve been using as of late.

It’s exactly what we had hoped for, and now we can move on to other projects! Luke moved almost 2000lbs of scrap wood into a trailer and then to the dump yesterday. That’s not counting the several hundred lbs we cut to length to be used as kindling, and the TON of cool old wood we stored cause it’s too awesome to be thrown away. He’s a busy guy, and now we can park in the garage- just in time for single digit lows!

A few more projects need to happen before baby comes, but nothing we can’t handle on our own. To Frank and Sandy- did you notice we switched the living and dining room?? =) It’s so much better now!

See you all in the new year!! Love, Us.


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