19 Weeks

It’s been a busy week again- Not complaining! My Mama and Papa made it out all the way from AZ for a little visit. It was so fun to finally be able to show them our house and town! It snowed about 8 inches on their first day, then had about every other weather pattern on the 2nd day (snow, sleet, “wintery mix”, wind, sun, fog, and I’m sure some others). It was nice, because we hadn’t had any snow since Thanksgiving, when Frank and Sandy were out to visit. New Hampshire has good manners, and gives the warm weather crew a taste of winter. =)

We forgot to take pictures until the last night! Bad Sara!

Little Gryffindor or Hufflepuff has been VERY active. It’s kind of a game now to get Luke to feel the movements. Seems like most of the time, baby stops when Luke puts his hand on my belly. He’s always had a calming influence. 😉

On to the pic:

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the ADORABLE hat my mom knitted me for Christmas?? I may have to compete with my child for cute knitted goods! And I will put up a FIGHT.

So the baby is 6 inches long. The crazy thing, is that’s only from head to butt. S/he is actually over 10.5 inches long all stretched out. It’s blowing my mind! Also, baby can now hear me talking. Probably won’t hear Luke til s/he comes out unless he starts talking louder. =P

So, I’m 19w, have gained about 9lbs, can feel the movement, rings are on, belly button is in… I can’t remember the other stuff. Definitely in maternity pants full time, shirts about 1/2 time. Most looking forward to our anatomy scan on the 24th!! I can’t wait to see the little bug again. Maybe there’s a fu manchu or pierced ears in there. Or a Phish t-shirt. Or maybe it’s a girl and she’s flipping me off for calling her a boy this whole time!! Maybe… Maybe! So much to see. =)

 Love to All!! Gonna go catch some couch time with my Baby Daddy. Ta-ta!!


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