Better Late than Never

New Years was absolutely fabulous this year- I had my two favorite nieces and one of my best friends out to visit. We managed to stay out of trouble, and have a TON of fun in the process. Here are some favorite pics:

What's priority #1 after flying from TX to Boston and driving 2 hrs? A HIKE!~!

An Icy, Icy Hike. Did I mention there was ice? Zephyr was on her belly more than she was on her feet!!

Totally worth it for the views...

Maddy checking out the lakes

Austin humoring her Auntie. =)

We made it!

In Boston, on the Charles river. Just over our shoulder is MIT. Lots of smart people on the OTHER side of the river. =P

I made her do it... and she happily obliged.

We found a kiddie zipline! Coolest. Playground. Ever.

Mikes pastries. We managed to squeak in 3 trips. YUM!

We were treated to free drinks and appies at our hotel because our room wasn't ready. We only had one drinker, so she made it count: Smore's Martini. It was on fire and everything!

Busting out the canollis

The state house on NYE. So pretty!

The... baby (?) after a LOT of pizza and canollis.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Man. I really missed out not being able to kiss this sweet face at the stroke of midnight. 😉 Gotta love him.

Candle pin bowling is a LOT harder than regular bowling.

Look ma, I'm on a lake!! On a side note, those ski-windsurfers are super cool!

Water walking in style!

Melissa survived!!! For those of you who know her, this is a BIG deal! =P Love you, M!~

And we expose skin for a photo. Bad idea. You probably can't see it, but my hair was damp- and frozen solid. I

Action shot!

Finally, Z got a chance to check out the marsh. I'm sure she was hoping for a stinky wet swim, but she got this instead and didn't seem to mind. =)

Happy Me. Thanks girls!



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