23 Weeks


I kind of love this picture. We’re at my parents’ house in Arizona for the week, and so I can’t take a blackboard pic. I love the bay window in this house, and I had the camera sitting on a glass table. Kind of fun and different. Like this week. 🙂

Biggest highlight: mom feeling and seeing the little guy move around.

Lowlight: I can’t travel like I used to. Lots of tylenol and heat packs and I’m back to normal after a few days. We hiked 6miles on Sunday and man, this Weeble can waddle! My family broke the news… I no longer walk like a homo sapien, more like a member of the family, Spheniscidae (penguin). Ah, well.

Don’t know how much I’ve gained, but I’m growing fast. Belly button is still in for the time being. No cravings, but loving the girl scout cookies mom snagged for us. 🙂

Life is good. See you all on the flip side!


2 responses to “23 Weeks

  1. Sandy Speed

    Sara, this is a great photo. I think you should submit it to some photo contest. So glad you are doing well even with the heat packs and Tylenol. What’s wrong with waddling??? Frank came home with at least 6 boxes of Girls Scout cookies…wish you were here to help us eat them.
    Sandy and Frank

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