The Pregnant Lady Flight Survival Kit

We’re headed home after a wonderful (but too short) trip to Arizona. On the way to the airport, I was sorting through my purse and discovered an alarming number of snacks. I don’t really recall sticking everything in here, but the end result is impressive. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I’ve decided to divulge the contents of a pregnant Sara’s purse:

– multiple servings of 3 varieties of girl scout cookies (yes, thin mints.)
– dark chocolate chocolate chunk cookies (my mom got them from the health food store, so they qualify as my daily serving of “health”)
– 3 packs of peanut butter crackers
– a full sandwich bag of spicy chex mix
– a family sized bag of twizzlers (down to the dregs)
– one granola bar (for Luke)
– one half of a protein bar (for emergency use only)
– one pack of nutty bars
– half a bag of sour patch kids
– one mostly empty bottle of zantac (I can’t imagine why I would need antacids…)
– 2 heat packs (my poor back!)
– an eyemask and earplugs (if I stop snacking long enough to sleep)
– my kindle

Shhh… Don’t tell the other passengers or they’ll be on me like a pack of dogs. And everyone knows: don’t EVER eat a pregnant lady’s food.



2 responses to “The Pregnant Lady Flight Survival Kit

  1. Brilliant. This is proof you’ll be a great mom….well prepared with snacks in tow.

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