25 weeks… Still winter.

Still lots of snow up here, but the weather has been beautiful! We’re expecting 10 inches over the next day so we’ll see if I’m ready for spring after that hits.


When I look down I can still see the tips of my shoes. Not much else. =)


These pics were both taken on the same day- I was about 50miles south of home for the red-shirt pic, waiting for them to finish Chuck the SUV’s spa treatments. The first pic is in our backyard.

25 weeks and feeling great! We’re in a hold-and-grow pattern. I hold my belly and it grows before my eyes! I’ve got to work on the new Tung oil post so this one will be short, but I promise NEXT week I’ll do something on time and entertaining. By then the floors will be done and we’ll be somewhat back to normal. Whatever that means.

Love and Hugs from the New Hampshire Staffords!


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