27 Weeks- Trimester 3!


Some big news: My job is over!! Wooooooo!!!! I can look at it now and say it was worth doing, but I have to say, it’s really nice to be focused on the baby and the house. I’ll probably be eating those words in 6 months, but for now it sounds pretty fabulous.

The nursery is coming along- the ceiling is no longer flaking chunks of lead paint (a good thing), and the walls are nearly drywalled. Hopefully I’ll return from the baby shower to a room ready to be painted (you hear that, Luke?). I’m incredibly lucky in so many ways for my wonderful husband, and one of the bigger ones is that I do NOT have to worry about house stuff not getting done. It bothers him WAY more than it bothers me. =)

Speaking of house stuff, the floors are done and almost totally cured. We and the cats have been on them for over a week, and the dogs will be joining us soon. We’ll soon be able to travel freely through the house without replacing barriers at every juncture! Well, until Little Maximillian is cruising.

Our kid is growing in chub and personality by the minute. I finally decided I was feeling hiccups too- I’ve been feeling them for several weeks but I just wasn’t sure. His movements are all so differentiated now that it’s easy to see the little “jumps” vs his little scootches from one side to the other or when he stretches out, or when he’s performing complex calculations and needs to use his fingers and toes to keep count… I could go on. He’s up past my ribs now and in the mornings he scoots up as high as he’ll go and I can feel the little 2 lb log perfectly. I consider this snuggle time and rub his little head and back. Really, I’m sure he’s just taking advantage of the horizontal space. Tomato, To-mah-to.

He’s over 2lbs and about 15inches long now- Bigger than our Colton was when he was born perfectly healthy (just small). That’s a crazy thought.

I had to buy my second round of maternity clothes. I’m officially out of pretty much all of my pre-preg clothes. Even my mat tanks and t-shirts are short enough to let my belly hang out. My sleep shirts don’t cover it up. The 3 person 3 season tent I pulled out of our gear is barely doing the job. πŸ˜‰

The belly is hard and round ALL the time now, the belly button is still in, the rings are still on, the heartburn is still there, the stretch marks are probably on their way but have yet to arrive. I’m SO psyched for this week- I get to see so many of my favorite people, it’s unreal! It still just surprises me in a great way that all these people will come together to celebrate one tiny little person. So much love. I’m also psyched to be in the 3rd trimester. I’ve heard it’s when I get to start gaining weight… wait. KEEP gaining weight. I knew I had that wrong. =P

Ok. I’m off to pack for my cross country adventure, do some laundry, and stock Luke up on milk and cereal. Don’t worry, I’ll cook for him when I get home. He’ll survive. =)


5 responses to “27 Weeks- Trimester 3!

  1. heather Quinn

    Hey Baby Maker! For the record, I love your posts. Cat herding and maternity belly rebounds coupled with 3 man tents and frozen snow, you have a facinating existance of obstacles and occurances that me laugh trying to visual how it all takes place. These delightful tales could only come from a person who is as unique and special as you are. I love the black and white portrait from the baby window. I’ll take an 8 x 10 please! YES, I’m serious. Enjoy momma time in NM and tell Luke to call us if he wants food, Tom will breaking out the grill during this NH heat wave of 50* weather. Can’t wait to see all the cool toys and pictures when you get back. Toodles!

    • Oh Doll, what can I say? Never in my life would I have guessed I’d be lucky enough to have you here to help us try and guess and fumble our way through our communal “practice baby”. πŸ˜‰ cheers to friends!!

  2. You get more beautiful with every picture! I can’t WAIT to see you this weekend!!!!!!! (and yes, I really am THAT excited to use THAT many exclamation points). πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Sara Bara,
    It’s time for another post…just sayin’
    Love ya

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