26 Weeks


I just HAD to try out the bay window, now that it’s been finished. The tung oil is dry for sock traffic. Soon we’ll be moving the furniture and the fridge back into the kitchen. Happy me. We’ve emptied out the nursery and Luke’s already tearing the walls out. It’s going to be a full remodel as well. Maybe when THAT’S done we can relax a little.

In the last week of my 2nd trimester, I’m really rockin’ the bump. Well, ok. The bump is rockin’ me. I’m starting to have some real issues when it comes to dressing: I have to be careful to look in the mirror or I may feel a draft and realize my shirt is only covering the top half of my belly. Also, I was putting on pants the other day and wasn’t paying attention- I bent my leg to stick my foot in and it literally bounced off my belly and hit the floor with a thud. Talk about rebound. I’m sure it scared the crud out of kiddo.

I’ve gained about 20lbs, still mostly in my belly but I’m starting to see it spreading out as well. I’m not the least bit worried about the weight, I’m just glad it seems the swelling has gone down. Weeks 23-25 were NOT fun for my hands and feet. Our little devil plays exorcist most nights- it’s a little shocking at times, but so (SO) fun to watch. I’m still wearing my wedding band, still have an innie (although it’s alarmingly shallow), still loving cottage cheese and pineapple, peanut butter, and water. Next week I head back west for some much needed time with my Roswell, PHX, and Cottonwood Loves. That is definitely what I’m most looking forward to. I’m LEAST looking forward to my gestational diabetes screen in a few hours. The good thing is that if I have GD, my diet won’t have to change too drastically. If I don’t have it (which I’m counting on) I’ll be very relieved.

Regardless, Heather is taking me out for pancakes after the test. =P

On another note, we got a bunch of snow, then freezing rain the next day. It did a really cool thing to the snow- super crunchy with this weird smooth glaze over top. Paired with the sunny day, yesterday was remarkably beautiful.




6 responses to “26 Weeks

  1. Beautiful. You are a beautiful mama. Love ya, mommy

  2. OK, that’s my NEW favorite picture of you. Love, love, love it!!

  3. You look beautiful Sara! So, so happy for you!

  4. Another beautiful pic! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks. And I hope you don’t mind me touching your belly…..cause it’s guaranteed to happen! 😉

    • Uh, YEAH! That’s what it’s there for… that and catching my chips before they fall to the ground. =P Can’t wait! I love that I’ll get to see you for more than about 20 minutes!

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