29 Weeks and Baby Shower!

I’m finally pulling myself out of the haze that engulfed me following my week of driving and flying. I can’t believe how much tougher it is to sit: in a car, on a plane, on a bus… you name it, this little guy fights it. It’s still incredibly cute when he pushes on the seatbelt or bulges out of my side on the airplane. What’s NOT cute is when he startles me and I get “she’s odd” looks from fellow passengers. The thing is, I get those all the time. Not just when I’m pregnant. =)

The baby shower was so fun! It was incredible to see so many people there to celebrate such a little person. The food was delicious, the company lovely, and the arts and crafts project was a total hit! Here is a link some of the pics:


Carol and I had a ball driving back and forth from Roswell to Cottonwood and back- this is a big accomplishment considering it was a full 24 hrs of driving. We were able to kidnap Amy from Phoenix for the night as well. The shower was on St Patrick’s Day, so we spent that night at a wine bar listening to my little bro, Scott, play guitar and bongos and sing. No wine needed to enjoy that night!

I found myself wishing I had a week long shower just so I could spread out the love! But isn’t that always the case?

I came home and jumped right into the house- it’s looking fantastic! The baby room will be done in the next few days- here are a few sneak previews:

Luke broke thru the wall into our master bathroom closet... it's all about the easy access!

We're keeping the old floors... OF COURSE!!

Pressed tin ceilings- now free of lead paint flakes! =) A big thank you to my exasperated and patient husband for helping me save what I had deemed a "critical component" of the perfect nursery!

Here’s as close as we’re getting to a “cute” belly pic:

A pic taken just a few minutes ago from my throne... one I don't intend to leave until I need a potty break and another snack. Give me about 4minutes. =)

I’m still nice and round. No big changes in the past week. I went to my MD appointment this week and am totally on schedule with everything. It’s so funny how each week varies. Between weeks 26-28, I gained 6 lbs and had all the energy I needed to pull off the trip. Between weeks 28-29, I didn’t gain an once and can’t function without at least 11hrs of sleep a day. I’ve been rolling with the punches, and Luke’s been a great sport. Obviously, I still have the innie and no stretch marks (might as well get the bare belly shots while I can!!). No real cravings but a huge increase in the amount of dairy I’ve been eating. No physical activity, and I’m not sorry.

I have a few things to look forward to- in the next 2 weeks I’ll have one of my best friends (Melissa) and my little Bro (Scottie) out to visit. Both very exciting!!

Ok. It’s time for my snack. It’s 10am, so that means…. brownie! No, yogurt! Nooooo…  eh. I’ll just go stand in front of the fridge and figure it out. Wish me luck!!




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