30 weeks… :D


30 weeks seems like a really big milestone for some reason. I’m only 7weeks from full term, feeling great, and have a full blown monster-baby living in my abdominal cavity. He’s approximately 3.3 lbs and 16 in long. If he were born today, he’d likely be perfectly fine, and only need the hospital for growing prior to coming home. What a cool feeling!

He’s adding to his repertoire of movement, now he had rapid fire kicking, hiccups, rolls (getting uncomfortable), pokes, nudges, and scootches. He’s still a busy little guy, moving all day and sleeping most of the night. Fingers crossed that he keeps the pattern!

I feel great, sleeping a TON (like 11-12hrs a night), and enjoying mine and Luke’s time together before our life goes nuts. We’re making great progress on the house. As soon as I find my real camera I’ll take some pics to share.

Anyhoo, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful weekend with Melissa (who’s up from NC) and Luke. Toodles!


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