31 Weeks

Hello! It’s been a crazy week, but we’re making insanely good progress on the house, thanks to Scotty (my awesome little bro) coming out to help and Luke taking a few extra days off work to keep up the momentum. The Nursery is now finished- we only need to stock it. A bonus mural is in the works, but I’m not going to stress out if it doesn’t happen. We can say now that our kid will live in a draft- free, flaking lead paint- free room. The furniture we’ve picked up along the way all fits and looks great! Here’s the pic for the week:

I’m solidly in the whiny phase of the third trimester. I don’t feel like I’m that big while going about my business, but then I take the pictures and realize that yes, I am much larger than a few weeks ago. It makes sense that Luke has to heave me up off the couch, Scotty or Luke has to pop my back at LEAST once a night, and that the wedding rings are officially off. That was a sad one for me, but it’s for the best. The swelling isn’t obvious to anyone but me, but I’m down to a few pairs of shoes as well. It could be much (MUCH) worse, so I’m trying hard to take it all in stride.

The GOOD parts about the last week have been getting a TON of stuff done around the house and yard, hanging out with my little bro, and watching Grey tumble and twist and fight against an ever decreasing space.

Also, depending on where Grey is bunched up, I have the beginnings of an outie. Speaking of Grey bunching up, he is still enjoying a diagonally horizontal position. Not ideal for a safe and normal delivery, but he likes it so much, I think I’ll let him stay awhile longer. We’ll see how stubborn he is in the upcoming weeks. 😉


One response to “31 Weeks

  1. Grey is an awesome name…is this the real name???!!!!

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