House Update

A quick update on the progress we’ve made so far- Scott has been such a huge help! Between him and Luke, much of the work that needs to be done (before you-know-who arrives) is complete!

The Crib is assembled!

Nursery shelving has been painted!

All the nursery needs is a rug and to be stocked up!

Here’s me “helping” the guys work on the fence (which is now FINISHED including gates)

Hopefully this is a video of the dogs using the ramp to the deck. This ramp will prevent me from having to go down the scary carpet steps to the basement every time the dogs need in or out. A huge preventative measure for me, as I’m now about 2 years since my last tumble down the stairs, and I don’t care to reset that counter. =)

Our pretty gate:

Also, much organization and storage has occurred, which is HUGE. Our bedroom is now looking like a bedroom. Will post pics of that soon. We’re still waiting to mount the cake table on the wall. Tomorrow, perhaps?


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