32 Weeks and What I Hate About NH

We’re slowly getting back into our routines since Scotty left. Our house is clean, mostly organized, and devoid of any unfinished projects. Well, Luke would probably beg to differ on that last point, but I’m more than happy to let anything that isn’t done REMAIN UNDONE forever.

The dogs love the fenced in yard even though it’s full of ticks. THIS is what I hate about NH. Apparently the tick season is going to be horrible this year due to our mild winter. We are in the midst of a week of 70 and 80 degree weather, and so we shaved Z to check her for ticks. Really, this is the only way to go because of her super thick hair. We found 4 of the nasty creatures. This is AFTER advantix or whatever that Rx flea and tick med is. So, we either spray the yard with the most eco friendly spray we can find (HA!) or adopt a big family of guinea hens and let them do the pest control. Good idea or Bad? They’re loud, and another animal to take care of, and we’ll have to train Buddy somehow. BUT, they’re funny, we might get eggs, and it would be very satisfying to see all the ticks get picked off one by one.


On to the fun stuff. Here is my 32 week pic, plus a bonus pic of me and Scotty (blurry, but eh.):

I’m still feeling pretty great, for a lady with 30 extra pounds suspended in front of her. My belly button is barely in, my rings are never on, and that kid does NOT stop moving during daylight hours. I’m gonna need the monkey backpack, I can already tell. I can walk for about 30 seconds before the waddle emerges, and managed to eat approximately 10 servings of chocolate cake yesterday. We had a BBQ for Luke’s coworkers on Friday and there was 3 separate chocolate cakes left behind. They all taste different, so I just rotated all day. Whoops! There’s even a longer skinny one that balances on my belly. Now THAT’S class.

These were taken along the Kangamagus Highway about 30min north of us. Very VERY beautiful drive that is teaming with trailheads. I can’t wait to go back and explore.

On Saturday, Luke and I had our childbirth class. It was mostly useless, but we learned some stuff (maybe we should have stuck with an infant care class?). The best part was the empathy belly. Luke was a great sport:

Silly (and blurry again- BAH!), but a welcome break from the actual talking. What matters is we got the invisible certificate that says we are qualified to endure childbirth. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyhoo, Hope everyone is well.  I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and 80- something degree day. =)


5 responses to “32 Weeks and What I Hate About NH

  1. heather Quinn

    Emapthy belly! LOL! Looking good folks.
    Ticks just want to get close and cuddle, all they want in return is your blood wha ha ha ha! Just kidding, they suck. Seriously though, you only hate 1 thing about NH? That’s pretty darn good I say. Just wait until Black Fly season. Yes, this pest gets its own season here in the east. Awseome! We have a pinata to fill my lady… Let’s talk soon!

  2. I cannot believe you got Luke to go to a child birthing class! lol

    • I think both of us were hoping for some valuable information. Luke is fully aware that baby is coming whether we’re ready or not. It helps him suck it up

  3. I’ve heard that fleas and ticks don’t like the smell of garlic and B vitamins so feeding those to your dogs may help discourage the varmints.

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