34 Weeks- Houston, We Have Lungs!


I’m all done working and am now allowed to go into full-on “Nesting Mode”…

anytime now…

how about now?…

No? OK. Couch time for me. The great thing is that Luke has been nesting since that first test showed 2 lines. =)

Grey has everything he needs to survive in The Wild that is the Stafford Family Poorhouse. He has a crib, diapers, food, and love. I plan on starting the laundry this week so he’ll have clean fuzzies in which to be swaddled.

Now for the fun part: Luke and I were waiting for the cars to be inspected (in NH, they have a full emissions and SAFETY inspection every year and it takes forever) and we just happened to be right next to his hospital on a weekend. We then arranged a Win-Win barter. He sneaks me in to take a peek at Grey on the OR ultrasound, and I bake him his favorite cake! I don’t know that I’ve ever made a better deal, because I also got some cake out of it, and Luke got to practice on the ultrasound and check out his boy!

Luke was able to find pretty much everything- from his little pumping heart, to his boy parts, to his gigantic feet (really! They’re like 2 inches long already!). We also saw his vertebral column, and his little face and hands! He’s now hanging out in the PERFECT position (head down with his back to my left and his feet sticking out my right side/ribs), blinking, opening and closing his mouth, and putting his hands to his mouth. It wasn’t very clear, so we didn’t get pics, but in real time, all of this was easy to see.

Side note: Luke wasn’t expecting his… ahem… gentlemen’s nuggets to be so… large. If I had looked closer, I swear I would have seen him puff up a little. 😉 But seriously, we ran into an OBGYN (one of Luke’s favorites) who confirmed that this is totally normal.

We’ve hit the 2nd to the last weekly milestone- at 34 weeks, surfactant is present in his lungs and Grey will have a MUCH easier time breathing if he were to come early. All we have left is FULL TERM in 3 weeks!

Grey still hasn’t dropped, which is a good thing- it’s hard enough to get around as it is! I’ll take the shortness of breath and heartburn over peeing every 5 seconds and painful walking for the time being. My bellybutton is popping out at random intervals- based on how full I am (I still drink about 1.5 gallons of water a day) and where Grey is hanging out. I’m swollen but only noticeable by the color change in my hands and feet. Other than that, still feeling good! Unfortunately, I’ll need a round three for maternity clothes. This expansion is getting rather expensive! I’m thinking Day of the Week Mu-Mus, Yes?


One response to “34 Weeks- Houston, We Have Lungs!

  1. Beautiful pics! Thank you. Love ya bunches,
    Mommy/Grandma to be

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