35 Weeks and Cinco De Mayo

It was a wonderful weekend to live in New Hampshire! 65 and sunny, slight breeze, Town Docks is open for ice cream (the best ice cream ever created), and we had a blast at our Cinco De Mayo baby shower thrown by my one and only Heather!

Because we HAD to have a pinata, RIGHT? Huge props to our resident annihilator, Rachel Davis, for taking one for the team and beating the crud out of Pancho the Burro. =D

Turns out Heather rocks at decorating cupcakes too!

Note to self: Do not frost hot cupcakes. If necessary to frost a hot cupcake (ie: emergency cupcakes), do not use bright blue frosting.

How cute is this?!

We decorated onesies for the little dude- they turned out AWESOME! One of my favs: “Don’t hassle me, I’m LOCAL!!” Ha! This is such a great one for our little tourist town. =)

Me and my Buddy. Grey is already a bit of a camera hog…

Annnnd, the belly shot. If only it weighed as much as a basketball and not a Thanksgiving turkey…

I’m 35 weeks now, and I can feel every day. I’ve been swelling for several weeks now, and we made the delicious mistake of eating chinese food yesterday. Well, even my flip flops are tight this morning. Whooops! Guess that’s off the menu for another month or so. I also have developed a lovely head cold/ wicked allergies/ pregnancy “cold”?!?! over the last several days. I’m thinking it’s just allergies but it’s thrown a pretty solid wrench into my sleep patterns. It’s all just practice for when baby comes, right?

Regardless, I’m feeling as great as I should be, and getting more and more excited to see the little guy. Our hospital bag is packed (thanks to Luke getting on my case about it) with essentials, we have some itty bitty sleepers, a swaddler (thanks Heidie!!), clothes and toiletries for me, and a handheld swamp cooler (aka: evaporative cooler). All that’s left to pack are snacks. I’m thinking a carry-on sized bag will be sufficient for that, no?

I’m headed outside now to see what that handsome and handy man in my backyard is up to. We have the whole week off together and I need to go enjoy it!

Love to all, and happy Monday!


2 responses to “35 Weeks and Cinco De Mayo

  1. Looking fabulous as usual!!! Hope Grey likes the swaddler — and I am glad you are packed already. 🙂

    • Thanks, Heidie! I packed the super soft one- the others are getting softer and softer with each round (I just toss them in with the regular laundry)- Love those blankets!

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