Hello! I’m alive! Baby is still on the inside! I’m just having a very tiring couple of days… I can only imagine it’ll be getting worse. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luke and I had a fantastic week off together. Lots of relaxing, me hanging in the yard while he built me things and played on the tractor. You know, normal stuff. For mother’s day, he solved my biggest complaint about our house here in New Hampshire. I’ve been bummed that we don’t have any bug-free outside space for me to hang out in. His solution was to build me a deck (!) to put a screened canopy on! I’m psyched we’ll have a place to bring Grey where he won’t have to wear a teeny netted hat!


I’m so lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that, no new updates. Little dude is still hanging out in mostly the right place, and still hasn’t dropped. Luke says my belly looks “more pointy”, whatever that means! I think it looks the same. Lots of braxton hicks (practice) contractions, lots of hiccups. Luke and I caught him breathing the other day. I had to Google it to be sure, but apparently at this stage in pregnancy, they will “practice breathe” for about 20 min per hour. My belly pulsed just like a little baby back/tummy when they’re breathing. A very good sign, indeed!

Also, a belated happy mothers’ day to all my very important mamas out there! Hope your weekend was wonderful!


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