37 Weeks- Full Term!!


I think this is when people start saying, “Any dayyyy noooowwww!” but I have a strong feeling that Grey is in there saying, “HA! HAHAHAH!”

I’m still feeling okay- the hand swelling/pain is not fun. I repeat. Not Fun. I’ve been getting on the elliptical for way too many minutes a day (any minutes are too many minutes at this point) as that’s the only relief I’ve found. The belly, on the other hand, is fine. It gets in the way- I’ve noticed that I bump it with pretty much every door I walk through- but it’s not doing anything painful, so there’s that!

The kid is more responsive than ever! If he’s sleeping, I can rub his little feet or bum and get him to wiggle around. It’s way cute. Even Luke can play this game. He was tapping my bellybutton the other day and awoke the beast. They then had a few moments of communication (tap…KICK! Taptap… Squirm!)! That was a little spooky, but I figure he’s got to be bored in there and more willing to play along.

So at this point the bag is packed, the carseat is installed, and the nursery is set up. Now we wait… =)

Here are the pics from this week:

Black is not so slimming if you hike it up! Wooo Boy! That’s a belly!

When I look down at my belly, it doesn’t seem possible that there’s a full sized, chubby little boy in there. When I look at a picture, there is OBVIOUSLY a full sized, chubby little boy in there.

So there you have it. Possibly the last of the pregnancy posts. Likely the last of the “happy” pregnancy posts. Ha! We’ll do our best to keep y’all updated. Wish us luck!


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