> 39 weeks

Dear Grey,

This is Mama. You know me from the inside, but not yet from the outside. I promise, It’ll be quieter when you come out. We’ll do our best to help you deal with the bright and the cold and the hot. Your legs are strong, and growing stronger by the day- are you sure you don’t want to practice kicking somewhere with more space? Just checking. And that thing you keep grabbing/ gnawing on/ head butting/ WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING? That’s my cervix. I’d like to keep it, so be as gentle as you can. Aside from that, keep on keeping on! But do know, you have to come out. And soon. I refuse to be the Only Person On Earth that Stayed Pregnant Forever, and really, I cannot WAIT to see what you look like. A few other things I look forward to:

Wearing my rings

Wearing shoes

Taking ibuprofen for the TMJ I’ve had for 10 WEEKS!!!

Getting up from the couch without the mental, “One, two, THREE!!! HEAVE!!!”

Gripping a coffee mug in the morning without sausage fingers and carpal tunnel causing my hand to go numb

Rubbing your little feet and watching you kick like you do from the inside right now

Sharing you with your father

Smelling that delicious baby smell

Wearing pants

Finding out what you look like and seeing if you keep the same sleep patterns you’ve been following for the past 5 months

There are many other things, but these are the few that stand out at this moment. So with that, I ask that you come when you’re ready and let it be soon! We can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Your Mom


One response to “> 39 weeks

  1. Sandy Speed

    This is such a lovely email to Grey from his mom Sara. The wait WILL BE WORTH IT!
    We love you,
    Frank and Sandy

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