Due Dates are Overrated… or… 40 weeks and 2 days

I’ve come to terms with the fact that the baby is never coming out. I will be the first woman in the history of the world to remain pregnant forever. I’m actually okay with this. Aside from the swelling, finger pain, limited mobility, crazy-dreamed sleeplessness, continued weight gain (It’s all water, I swear!!), and moodiness (so I’ve been informed), I really have no urge to get this kid out.

He’s so safe in there, and is obviously very comfortable. No changing diapers, no crying, and no labor. See? Problem solved.

Now, SOME of you may say that it’s totally worth it, and that he’s going to come out sooner or later (likely in the next 2 weeks). I’m aware of this, and eagerly anticipate having a son, but definitely am content to wait til he’s ready. I’m eating great due to Mom and Granny, taking it easy, and enjoying this last time with Luke.

I’m on my way to breakfast with the crew- my favorite waiter at our favorite diner has been on baby watch with us, so I thought we’d give him an update.

Hope y’all are well, I’m looking forward to sending out that special email with a picture  in it- wish us luck!


2 responses to “Due Dates are Overrated… or… 40 weeks and 2 days

  1. heather Quinn

    My guess is that he loves food as much as you do and doesn’t see any reason to leave his one stop belly shop. It’s paradise in there! With, food delivery included. I can’t blame him.
    Have fun at Sunshine ‘n Pa’s.

  2. Heidie O'Neill

    Thinking about you every day you beautiful, beautiful, Mommy! I am glad you are relaxing and are being well cared for. Grey has an amazing family!

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