Thanksgiving 2012

Ok, bear with me as I try to dig myself out of a mountain of information. So much has happened since the last real post. We had Thanksgiving with Pa and Mimi Stafford and the Bunkers (Grey got to meet his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins!)-  It was so great to see him having so much fun with the full house!

Grey also turned 5 months, has a plethora of new skills, and had his Grandma and Grandpa Plapp out to visit from AZ, but more on these in the next few posts.


This pic is of Grey sitting in a pile of really cool new clothes that his Aunt Amy ordered for him. They’re adorable and so soft!


I love the little froggie butt.


Austin and Maddi both learned how to drive the tractor, helping Luke fill holes in the yard.


imagePa and Mimi getting some sugar


imageOur walk took a turn for the worst when the entire world turned dark and red! It was confusing, until mama pulled my hat back up…

imageFirst time in a restaurant high chair at just over 5 months.
Chomping the table… real sanitary, eh?

Grey had an absolutely wonderful time getting all the attention from his TX and Ann Arbor family. Aunt Amy sang Old McDonald with about 377 different animals (maybe not that many, but she did a great job making up new verses!), and taught us a new rhyme. The girls generously allowed lots of braid and ponytail chomping, Pa was the human bouncer, Byron saved Thanksgiving by doing the majority of the cooking on basically no notice, and Mimi had Grey imitating her and basically hanging on her every word!

Can’t wait for the next get together!



One response to “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Sandy Speed

    These photos bring back such sweet memories. Love that boy!! He appears to be sitting up very well on his own…reaching for Zephyer’s tail. This was a memorable family Thanksgiving.
    Pa and Mimi

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