5 Months Was a Big One

We’re almost to 6 months but I never did a 5 month post! Here’s a bunch of pics. The best things are that he’s sitting up, eating solids, and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN! We started solids for real on his 5 month “birthday”. He’s had a bunch of stuff now (oatmeal, avocado, sweet potato, peas, spinach, butternut squash, banana, and prunes) and most prefers spinach/butternut mixed and banana/avocado smoothies. I think this helped with sitting up and sleeping as well, since they both showed up a few days later. He has a highchair that hooks to the island so he can sit there and watch me cook/blend/mix/strain his food. I have lots of stuff steamed, pureed and frozen so he’s eating like a king.

There’s lots of sitting up pics because he looks so cute doing it! And it’s done wonders with his happiness during the day. He can sit up and watch me from the bed while I get ready for the day. Like a little meerkat.

The sleep is a weird one, and I’m just hoping it sticks around. Could I be so lucky…?


He LOVES the mirror!


Messing around with peas


He has his balancing arm out. 😉


We have a big bed, but he’s still pretty little. He’s still not mobile and we take full advantage.


Working on his banana (it’s a silicone teether he likes to chew on)



Good morning!!

Hope everyone’s holidays are wonderful! Ours have been. =)


One response to “5 Months Was a Big One

  1. He is adorable in all his pics. Food looks extra special fun…
    Love his little fleece-lined booties.

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