6 Months!

IMG_0057Rationally I know it’s No Big Deal, but we have kept a human being- who is completely dependent on us- alive and happy for a full six months. And we are still married.

The kid is just getting cuter and cuter- he’s great at sitting up, has rolled over a few more times (it’s still not high on his agenda), and is working on learning how to stick out his tongue. He’s still babbling only intermittently, but I distinctly heard “dadadada” the other day. *I feel a little crazy right now, but as I’m typing this he’s in my lap and just said it again. “dada”. All by itself. And now he’s back to cooing.* He’s still just playing with his food and eating a little. His favorites are banana/avocado smoothie and banana/hubbard squash mash. He also LOVES to eat giraffe. Good stuff.


We visited Santa last week but the pictures are on a very busy friend’s camera, so we may not see that before the new year.

Here are some pics from the appt. I love this one- he’s gotten REALLY quick on the draw, and stole the NP’s ID badge faster than she could react.





Eyelashes, anyone?IMG_0063

We save the REALLY cute outfits for when we’re home all day! =PIMG_0058

Trying on hats with Erin and little Evelyn. Obviously this was for our childrens’ benefit and not ours. Right.IMG_0087

6 Months!!IMG_0100

Z looks thrilled, eh?IMG_0106


3 responses to “6 Months!

  1. I would like a pair of these eyelashes!!!!!

  2. Sandy Speed

    We HAVE to have a photo of the one of him sitting up on the red Pendleton blanket. That is a great picture. How can we get it at Walgreen’s? Mimi and Pa

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