Merry Christmas!

We did Christmas Eve with Heather and Tom and family. It was a really fun night- Grey did great, and had a blast with Heather, Kristen and Blaze (her old pup). The food was outstanding- Prime rib cooked perfectly. Luke was in heaven!

Today was quiet, but so nice. Grey woke us up around 530 with smiles and talking and bouncing. Really there’s no way to ignore all that cute. We had a few presents to open and managed to get them all in before naptime #1. After naptime we headed outside to hang out in the snow. Then some more time in front of the fire to play with our new toys.

Luke got me (us) nordic ski lessons and a day pass so we can go explore Gunstock Mountain. If we love it, nordic skiing is something we can do with Grey. If I wear one of Luke’s jackets, I can have Grey in there with me- how cozy!

Anywho, here are the pics from the day. The red sweater was knitted by Luke’s coworker, Cindy. It’s so incredible soft and fits him perfectly- definitely a memory box deposit after this winter.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as happy as ours! Family, friends, and FAMILY. Grey got to skype with both sides and meet some new family members while he was at it. Skyping is so fun now. He recognizes both sets of grandparents and his cousins pretty easily. Very cute. I spend the whole time running interference- he LOVES pushing buttons and will routinely make the screen go blank. We’re getting it down though. All it takes is more practice. =)


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