Wow. I’ve been a bad little blogger

I can’t believe how long it’s been! This kid is keeping me on my toes, and with such a great summer we’ve been having, we don’t spend much time inside. Grey’s over 14 months old now, running, chasing, playing with the dogs,  throwing his huge bouncy ball, and laughing at EVERYTHING! he also just recently learned to give real, puckered lip kisses. 🙂
Here’s a few pics from the past month

Playing with Dada (Dada might be usurping Mama as the current favorite)


Hiking along the Kancamagus highway


First haircut – he did great!


First apple from the tree in the backyard. He’s eaten several since! I think he likes using his teeth so much.


We went with Luke to go get dirt for the yard. Good times. 🙂


Playing with Holden in the yard. That big kid wore him out!


Long hike with lots of wild blueberry picking along the way… Also wore him out!


One of the salads I make quite a bit. Good for growing boys! 🙂



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