Watch “Uh-oh” on YouTube

Grey has a cold today, it made his voice raspy. He still has a great attitude though!

The past week has been crazy in terms of his language development. He’s back to attempting all of his words (CAR is still his favorite). When I read to him or play with him, he pretty reliably will point to whatever I ask him to find. The cool thing is that it can be a new book with pictures he’s never seen. He can find the bird, giraffe, duck, frog, fish, dog, cat, monkey, banana, bug, and a few more.

I asked him where the baby was in a picture book and he grinned from ear to ear, then did the sign for baby (act like you’re rocking a baby)! We’ve been doing a little bit of baby signing – mostly food related. I hadn’t even tried the sign for baby; he picked it up from the video alone.

We were playing with his big red ball the other day and I told him to back up. He just did it.  I’ve never asked him to, and I can’t even recall a time that he would hear that request directed at another person. It’s like his brain can put that stuff together now.

Babies are amazing.


2 responses to “Watch “Uh-oh” on YouTube

  1. \yes, babies are amazing, however, Grey is especially amazing.
    mimi and pa from norway

  2. Frank Stafford

    We read your update on Grey|s development with great interest. We are still on the ship with poor internet service so we have yet to view the video. Hope he is feeling better today.

    We dock in Bergen, Norawy this afternoon to spend two days. We then take a bus\train to Oslo on Monday. We are doing OK.


    Sandy and Frank

    Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:01:19 +0000 To:

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