10w smiles: http://youtu.be/uMCo7f_dryU

I’m trying a new video sharing site. Let me know and use the YouTube link if the top one doesn’t work.

We had Reed’s 2 month appointment last week. He’s 12lb, 3oz, and 23 1/4 inches long. 61st percentile across the board, and looking good!

We took him to a pediatric ENT as well, and had his tracheomalacia officially diagnosed. For the people who didn’t know about this, it’s what makes his breathing so loud. He has extra tissue in his throat that claps shut when he inhales.

This is not deadly and kids normally grow out of it, but it does get worse before it gets better up to about 8mos. This is just because they get heavier so they naturally have to work harder to breathe. Unfortunately this places Reed right in the middle of cold and flu season. That and the fact that his case is categorized as “moderate to severe” means that he will have a procedure to fix it. Oct 29 is the day, it’s very low risk and involves about an hour with a laser.
Anyhoo, we’re bummed he has to have something done while he’s so little, but he will be able to breathe much more easily, his reflux will likely improve, and he can start sleeping better and gaining more weight. All good things.

And as you can see, he’s happy now- imagine how happy he’ll be when he feels great!

Send good vibes our way, but don’t waste brain space on worrying. The reality is much less scary than the imagined.


2 responses to “10wSmiles.mp4

  1. Sandy Speed

    What a precious baby and so happy. He is really “talking” and communicating more. Love those huge blue eyes. Pa and I are glad he is having this procedure done sooner instead of later. We think you two made a good decision and we will try not to worry. We are, of course, concerned and will look forward to hearing that all went well later on the 29th.
    Love, Pa and Mimi

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