Halloween and The Weed Update

These pics are all in reverse order,  but I can’t rearrange them without a lot of time and my laptop. Every time I open the laptop,  G swarms it and develops 3 extra arms and manages to push alllll the buttons. So instead, just enjoy that you get to see the happy ending first. 

Halloween was a blast. Evelyn and Grey were reunited and they rocked the trick or treating. They lasted the whole loop around the boarding school campus- about 90min of running from house to house. The faculty, including Erin, live on campus so every year they arrange for all the faculty kids to trick or treat on campus. Most of the houses participate, as well as a good number of dorms. It was an absolute blast.

Hazel is 5mos old now- nearly sitting up, and her cheeks are to die for.


Evelyn and Grey played like crazy. Right here they are both in the boat. 🙂


Eating the spoils


All lined up.  One of their favorite parts was the side by side stroller. I never would have guessed!


Candy and a cookie for dinner.


Super energy. Kid was running yelling “dasher,  dasher!”  (faster,  faster!)




The only pic we got of the three of us.


This is a video from this morning- we’re back to normal!

The Weed Returns: http://youtu.be/mY4-LxdOqvo

Reed on the 2nd day. Still not too many smiles,  but he was alert and in less pain.


The morning after surgery. Cutie pie.


When I finally got him to sleep a few hours after the surgery.


Waiting to go back.


Don’t worry,  we just put the cap on for the photo op.


In the waiting room before it all went down.



3 responses to “Halloween and The Weed Update

  1. Marla Hufford

    Thanks for the pics

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rashida Harding

    What happy times! Love seeing your photos…..Rashida

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Sandy Speed

    Great photos…I can hear Grey going “zoom, zoom, zoom….” he is quite a runner. Wonderful to see Reed starting to feel better. He has gorgeous big eyes and long eyelashes, just like Grey.
    Mimi and Pa

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