11mos and Goodbye to Uncle Scotty

We have had the best week! Scott “passed through” NH “on his way” back to AZ from Virginia. Talk about an enormous undertaking. The drive home is going to be a solid 40hrs.

Anyway, we had a blast. We did the beach several times, played with evelyn, went to heather’s house, got Grey a big boy bed, baked a lot of cupcakes,  invented the ultimate trail dessert, celebrated the 4th of July, saw the Bunkers for a few hours on Sunday… And more, I’m sure. Scott and I also hiked our first two 4k footers (both in one day!) and did a full moon hike up rattlesnake mtn to see the fireworks from above on July 3rd. In the summer here, fireworks can be seen and heard all through most weekend nights.

Also, Reed picked up his first word (dog) and his first two signs(“more” and “all done”)! The signing is still sporadic but he’s getting the hang of the idea, which is the main hurdle. When asked, he will look for people and smile when he finds them.  He’s cruising one handed, lets go to grab nearby furniture, and walks behind stuff that he’s pushing (he prefers a laundry basket to a walker). His third and fourth bottom teeth have finally popped through, I believe. Teething is not a fun or even neutral experience for this guy.

He’s eating well now. Loves string cheese, beans, and rice. He’s mostly figured out sippy cups, absolutely loves being swung around in the lake and tossed into the air. Luke and I actually toss him to each other and that is the ultimate experience.

Grey is doing so well! He loves daycare now that reed goes with him. They’re in different rooms but do see each other throughout the day. Grey is a master conversationalist these days and will corner anyone for a lengthy discussion. It’s adorable, but tiring. He was drawn in the lottery for the local preschool as well! He’ll be going Wed and Friday for a few hours in the morning. He’s going to love it.








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