Happy Birthday, Reed!

Our littlest guy is now a whole year old! It was touch and go for a few (9) months there, but we made it! Our first 3 months were full of noisy baby breathing and projectile vomit (as well as cosleeping and lots of amazing cuddles). Months 3-6 were all about the boob, as he could finally eat and gain weight. 48th -> 90th percentiles between the 3 and 6 month check! Months 6-9 were all about mobility, with his goofy crawl at 7mos (https://youtu.be/xRnXlYtx7_c), pulling up at 7.5 mos, and cruising at about 8.5mos. Months 9-12 have been about eating and communicating, with solids not taking hold until around 9mos, his first signs (all done and more at about 11mos), and his first word (“dog” at about 11mos).

He’s standing and balancing now, and I expect his first steps in the next few weeks. Really, I can wait. Reed can’t. He’s been super frustrated and practicing a lot. Hopefully he sorts it out soon!

We are so in love with our little family, and listening to the boys play is probably my favorite thing in the entire world. The Weed, our Tiny German Man (DA! DA! DAAAA!), Mayhem, our little Agent of Entropy, The Goob, Stinker, The Terrorist. His knicknames speak to his curiosity, stubbornness, bossiness, intensity, and his love for deconstruction/destruction.  He is a piece of work, and he loves his family like I’ve never seen before. His whole face lights up when he sees Grey, Daddy, Mama, and Zephyr. It’s absolutely amazing, and I know all of his qualities now will serve him so well in the future. This boy. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, and he knows it. He tests the theory most days. =)





One response to “Happy Birthday, Reed!

  1. Paula plapp

    What a Love. He’s a lot like his mama was and look how great she turned out! Happy birthday, little man! Grandma and Grandpa love you to the moon and back.

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