My 3 year old

We went to the hospital tech support to get my work laptop configured, and the boys came in with me. As the nerdy, 30-something year old was clicking buttons, Grey is asking questions. Because that’s what he does.

“What are you doing?”

“Is that a compooter?”

“I know how to work on compooters. I KNOW. I can DO IT because I’m a BIG BOY. Not a baby. That my baby brother Reed. He doesn’t KNOW how to work on compooters.”

The guy is alternating between politely humoring him and politely ignoring him. I’m totally cool with that. What I was less cool with is Grey’s next comment.

“Oh! (giggles) I just pooped! Do you have a bathroom? I just POOPED in my UNNERPANTS.”

(he hadn’t pooped. That didn’t make the guys face any less hilarious.)

I’ve been teaching him about compliments for a few months now. He gets the jist of it- that you say something nice to someone to make them feel good, and it makes you feel good too! The other day we were talking about the local ice cream stand and he said he’d never been there (liar mcfirepants). I called him a silly goose and reminded him about our last visit there this summer. Grandma was there (and Grandpa! He says), and granny and boompa (And a lot of nice families! He says). It gets quiet for a bit and then we hear, “mom, that’s really nice. You said a compliment to me”. The fact that he remembers it all and it gives him warm fuzzies just about kills me dead.

He’s been having some vivid dreams lately too. The other night Luke rescued him as he was crying at 2am. When he got down there Grey was so upset, calling out, “Don’t take my brother! Don’t take him away!” Rip our hearts out, why don’t you.

Another morning, he woke up crying because he wanted to go back on his dinosaur hunt with Evelyn. Now THAT would be awesome.

He’s been happy and hyper and talking the ears off of whoever will listen. He’s learning that boundaries are sometimes flexible and therefore he tests all of them. He takes over when it looks like Reed is getting too much attention, but will be the first to tell everyone that he showed him how to walk. He’s definitely figuring out how to push our buttons, but he’s so cute, it’s pretty impossible to be angry. Just a bit peeved.

-We just read The Rainbow Fish for the millionth time (a story with sharing as the main theme). Grey immediately gets up and runs to Reed who is holding his big bro’s favorite stuffed bear.

Grey: I need it. I need to keep my bear from Reed.
Me: grey, remember in the story, the fish didn’t share his scales and no one wanted to be his friend? Wouldn’t it be really nice to share and make Reed happy?
Grey:… I don’t have scales.

-He called the water left in his grape cup (from rinsing them) “Grape Puke”


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